Get Started with Blunders

Getting started with Blunders is as easy as it gets. There are three steps:

  1. Create a Blunders account
  2. Create a Agent Key
  3. Download and attach the Blunders agent

Create a Blunders account

If you have not yet created a Blunders account, sign up for one. Accounts can have multiple users, feel free to invite others in your team.

Create an Agent Key

The Blunders agent needs to have a key which connects it to your Blunders account. Create an Agent Key in in your account settings.

Make sure to note down the Agent Key and the Secret Key - if you misplace them, you'll need to create a new Agent key.

Download and attach the Blunders Agent

The Blunders agent is a Java agent, which you attach to your JVM process at startup. Start by Downloading the agent. Get it here.

Next, use the agent jar file and the Agent to start your Java application.

export BLUNDERS_APP_NAME='my-app'
export BLUNDERS_APP_INSTANCE='my-instance-1'
java -javaagent:agent-0.6.2.jar myapp.jar

Within seconds of starting your application with the agent attached, it will show up on the dashboard.