Blunders is a web-based profiler of JVM applications. Understand and fix performance problems, faster.

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Live JVM

Always on, in production. Find out why response times were slow 3 days ago.

Web based
& Responsive

Instantly understand performance from anywhere. No remote JMX or SSH needed.

& Memory

Dig down into exactly which methods your application spends time in. And how much memory they allocate.
Memory allocation flame chart

How it works

  1. Attach Blunders to your application through a java agent or as a maven/gradle dependency.
  2. Within 30 seconds, profiling data is available on
  3. Profit. Blunders will tell you which code paths are the most CPU and memory intensive.

Why Blunders?

When building Blunders, I built the tool that I wanted when working with performance. Performance issues can be hard to track down, and are often hard to reproduce outside of production.

Blunders can show you exactly what your production services is doing, both now and in the past. Blunders makes it easier, faster and cheaper to fix performance problems, by letting you focus on actually fixing the problem.

Whether you want to improve load times, increase stability or save on machine costs, Blunders is your friend.


  • CPU and memory profiling.
    Know what parts of the code have the largest performance impact.
  • Profiling in production.
    Don't spend your time trying to reproduce issues locally.
  • View both real time and historic data.
    Want to know why there was a spike 3 days ago? Now you can.
  • Heroku integration.
    Blunders can integrate with Heroku, for a more seamless experience.

Pay as you go

Blunders is priced per hour and CPU,
so that you only pay for what you use.

$0.002 / CPU & hour
(~ $1.44 / CPU & month)

Unlimited amount of users.

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