Live performance profiling, simplified.

Live JVM

Always on, in production. Find out why response times were slow 3 days ago.

Web based
& Responsive

Instantly understand performance from anywhere. No remote JMX or SSH needed.

& Memory

Dig down into exactly which methods your application spends time in. And how much memory they allocate.

How it works

Blunders works by attaching a Java agent to your application which continuously uploads performance profiling data to the cloud (Amazon S3). The data is then viewable on

On, you can dig down into the profiling data on an application & instance basis. The data is available for everyone in your team to view.


Blunders profiling itself, looking at which methods use the most CPU.
Blunders profiling itself again, this time looking at which method allocates the most, and what it allocates.

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